October  11,  2007—Woodland  Hills,  Calif.  —  Panavision®  debuts  three  new Advanced  Video  Assists:  the  XLV  for  the  XL2,  the  MAV  for  the  Millennium,  and  the PAV2 for the Panaflex Gold, Gold II and Platinum. All three videos are based on entirely new sensors and digital processing, providing brighter and sharper images.

“Now that there is a new generation of sensors, we are upgrading the cameras to offer  better  pictures  to  our  customers,”  said  Bob  Beitcher,  President  and  CEO, Panavision Inc.

The MAV for the Millennium is the latest addition to the family of new videos. The  MAV  uses  the  same  processor  module  as  the PAV2  (and  its  PAL  version,  the PAV2P), for convenient interchangeability. The MAV also uses the same video optics as the XLV, which means improved compatibility among viewfinders between the XL2 and Millennium.  For  example,  you  can  now  use  the  MXLFT  lightweight  hand‐held viewfinder on the Millennium, allowing a light‐weight hand‐held mode.

Numerous  improvements  have  been  made  based  on  user  input,  including: improved  sensitivity;  improved  sharpness;  easy  user  adjustments (focus,  position, rotation, auto‐gain); focus knob for no‐tools adjustment; manual iris and ND filter; two auto‐gain positions, default and boost, with both settings adjustable in the field; manual gain and flicker‐free at all speeds. Includes all standard video features as well.