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Panavision’s unparalleled inventory of optics, cameras, and accessories is backed by the most comprehensive service and support the industry has to offer.

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What Filmmakers Are Saying

"Panavision has always been a huge champion of me, and I'm forever grateful for that. It's a really special relationship."

Alice Brooks ASC
Cinematographer, In The Heights

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"There’s so much depth with Panavision. I know I can always source lenses and cameras for a tandem unit or whatever comes up at the last minute."

Jack Donnelly
Cinematographer, Godfather of Harlem Season 2

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"Panavision has always been there to support me at every point in my career and has been an invaluable asset at every step."

Polly Morgan ASC BSC
Cinematographer, A Quiet Place Part II

"I really like the approach that Panavision has to filmmaking. There are always new things, new lenses, or new old lenses, to try."

Alexis Zabé ASC AMC

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"I fell in love with Panavision’s C Series on Mudbound. I love their organic nature, the quality of the falloff, and that some of the focal lengths flare warm."

Rachel Morrison ASC
Cinematographer, Mudbound

"Panavision is one company around the globe, so if you want something from another part of the world, they’ll get it to you. It’s a really tightly run family."

Trevor Forrest
Cinematographer, Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1

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"Panavision has always been super-helpful to me. It doesn’t matter if the film is big or small, they are there for me 100 percent."

Natasha Braier ASC ADF
Cinematographer, Honey Boy

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