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On Tuesday, January 25, 2011, Panavision Canada hosted a successful open house at their Toronto facility, encouraging customers to come for a full demo of Panavision’s 3D solution, while giving them a chance to mingle with other industry professionals. With over 150 people in attendance, on display were the Element Technica Quasar rig and Genesis cameras with Panavision Primo Compact Zooms (PCZ 19-90mm) displayed on a JVC 46” 3D monitor and the Element Technica Quasar rig and Sony F35 cameras with Angenieux Optimo LW 15-40mm zooms displayed on a Panasonic 46” 3D monitor.

Among the attendees were directors, producers, line producers, UPMs, cinematographers, operators, ACs, post production supervisors, visual effects supervisors and editors, who were also able to view the 3D configuration on cranes. Set up for hands-on demos were the 15’ Super Technocrane with Z-head, holding the Element Technica Neutron rig and Sony P1 cameras with FZ4 zooms displayed on JVC monitors, while the 20’ and 30’ Super Technocranes sported Libra heads with one configuration of a PanArri 435 with Primo 4-1 zooms and the other with an ET Pulsar rig and Red-X cameras with 27mm Cooke S4 Primes. 

“There were several representatives from other production entities in attendance as well, such as Pinewood Studios, Telefilm Canada, Kodak, Technicolor, PS Production Services, William F. White, Comweb and Sprucewood Leasing. Several College and University representatives were there as well: Screen Industries Training Centre (Sirt), Sheridan College, Humber College and York University.

“We had a great night and were able to show our customers and the industry up here in Toronto that Panavision can handle any 3D production,”said Stewart Aziz, Vice President, Marketing (Eastern Canada). “It was great to see old friends, and renew relationships.”

Don Carmody, executive producer on “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” and his director Michael J. Bassett came out for the evening,as well as DJ Carson, line producer currently prepping “At the Mountain of Madness 3D” with director Guillermo Del Toro and his DP Guillermo Navarro. Bill Goddard, executive in charge of post production on the series “Camelot” (and hot off the show “The Tudors”) also stopped by. 

“Panavision has always been known for its worldwide service,” s

aid Aziz. “We want to make sure that no matter what the production is, your first thought is Panavision. We have the equipment, we have the service, and we have 3D covered.”