The Panavision Compact Zoom is High Performance in a Compact Package

October 11, 2007 - Woodland Hills, Calif. - The Panavision Compact Zoom (PCZ) is the latest release in Panavision's line of spherical lenses, providing a wide range of commonly -used focal lengths in a package about half the size and weight of comparable zooms.

"Filmmakers are always asking us for smaller, lighter lenses.  With the PCZ, our goal was to provide a lens that met those objectives without any loss in optical quality," said Bob Beitcher, President and CEO, Panavision Inc.

The PCZ allows the director to select focal lengths between 19mm and 90mm without disrupting the momentum of the scene.  As with all of Panavision's modern lenses, the Panavision Compact Zoom maximizes contrast, resolution and field illumination, while minimizing breathing, veiling glare, ghosting, disortion and other aberrations.  The PCZ also maintains constant focus and a T2.8 aperture throughout the zoom range, and therefore it can be zoomed in-shot or used as a variable prime.

At 8 inches in length, and with a moderate weight of 7.3 lbs., the PCZ is suitable for use on dollies, remote heads, hand-held and Steadicam shots.  Maximum aperture is T2.8, and the lens close-focuses down to 2-1/4 feet.

The Panavision Compact Zoom also features zero-backlash mechanics, especially critical for reliable follow focus.  Ergonomic considerations include expanded dual-side scales and standard gear locations for focus, zoom and T-stop.

The Panavision Compact Zoom will be available in early 2008.