Ultra Vista

The new Panavision Ultra Vista lens covers the full frame of current 8K sensors with a 1.65x squeeze, offering a true 4K image area on all large format sensor cameras. The resulting images are similar to an Ultra Panavision 70 1.3x squeeze look – maintaining traditional flares, vertical bias, and the organic nature associated with anamorphic photography. Ultra Vista evokes similar characteristics to the C series anamorphics with images that are not too sharp and have a nice transition between details, offering a pleasing fall-off between foreground and background. The result is a fuller image that delivers more apparent depth. The Ultra Vista lenses are compatible with any camera that can accommodate a System 65 mount.



  35mm 40mm 50mm 65mm 75mm 100mm 150mm
T-STOP 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.8
FRONT DIAMETER (in) 4.44 4.44 4.44 4.44 4.44 4.44 4.83
FRONT DIAMETER (mm) 112.7 112.7 112.7 112.7 112.7 112.7 123