Other Spherical Lenses

Other Spherical Lenses

Panavision® provides a wide range of non-Panavision optics such as Cooke S4/i, Zeiss Master and Ultra Primes, and Angenieux Optimo zooms. Our inventory also features some earlier generation optics such as Baltars and Kowas.

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Macro and Specialty Lenses

Macro and Specialty Lenses

Macro Lenses SM Series

These lenses matched the Primo®  Primes for color and performance.  The focal lengths in this series of lenses ranges from 50mm to 200mm with maximum apertures ranging from T1.4 for the 50mm lens to T4 for the 200mm lens. Close focus distances range from 9 inches to 27 inches. The 90mm macro focuses through normal magnification ratios to macro (1:1) and down to micro. (Micro magnification is where the image on the film or sensor is larger than life-size.)

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Primo Prime Lenses

Primo Prime Lenses

Panavision’s Academy Award winning series of Primo Prime lenses combine high contrast and resolution, even field illumination, and negligible veiling glare, ghosting, and distortion. Primo lenses intercut seamlessly with other lenses in the Primo line, and are designed for use with film and digital cameras.

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Primo V® Lenses

Panavision Primo V

After 60 years of setting industry standards for film optics and cameras, Panavision has stepped forward to set the standard for lenses specifically designed for digital cameras. Built on the same glass element as Panavision's Primo Primes, the Primo V lenses bring the classic qualities of the Primos to digital cinematography while taking advantage of the optical clarity and production convenience of the digital format.

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Primo 70 Series

Intrinsic characteristics

•    Flat field
•    Natural sharpness
•    Minimal chromatic aberration
•    Minimal breathing
•    Excellent field illumination
•    Close focus performance 
•    Consistent color temperature
•    Tunable focus characteristics

Artistic traits

•    Rounded defined focus
•    Inherent dimensionality
•    Pleasing flesh tones
•    Uniform bokeh across the field of view

Feature Films: Passengers, Guardian’s of the Galaxy II, Spectre

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Primo Digital® Lenses

Primo Digital® Lenses

These lenses feature high contrast and resolution, low lateral color, negligible veiling glare, low ghosting and distortion, and consistent image quality throughout focus and zoom. Designed and manufactured by Panavision® with digital in mind

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PVintage Prime Lenses

PVintage Primes

Based on the award winning Panavision Ultra Speed Prime lenses, the PVintage Series delivers superior mechanical performance while retaining their characteristically smooth organic imagery. And we didn’t just make these “look like” vintage glass; the PVintage series uses true vintage glass from actual Ultra Speed Prime lenses, re-housed in modern mechanics to be more user friendly.

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Legacy Primes

Legacy Primes

Panavision® carries a wide range of quality optics that will meet the creative and budgetary demands of any project. All of these lenses were designed or re-engineered to Panavision specifications and offer superior mechanical and optical performance as well as expanded, easy to read focus and aperture scales.

Standard Primes - SP

First debuted in the late 60s, the Panavision Standard Primes are the oldest spherical lenses in our line. Typical to lenses of that era, the older coatings produce more flaring and veiling glare artifacts.

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Other Panavision® Zooms

Other Panavision Zooms

Spherical Telephoto Zoom - STZ 

The Spherical Telephoto Zoom is a 70-200mm, T3.1 zoom lens with a close focus distance of 4¾ feet. Compact and lightweight at 6 pounds and approximately 8½ inches in length, the STZ has the same 4.440 inch front diameter as the Primo® primes.

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Advanced Zooms

Panavision® Advanced Zooms

Panavision Compact Zoom - PCZ

Introduced in 2007, the Panavision Compact Zoom is one of the newest entries in Panavision’s long line of successful lens developments. This lens offers high performance in a compact package. Weighing only 7.3 lbs, and 8 inches in length, the PCZ is T2.8 with a focal length range of 19-90mm and close focusing distance of 2¼ feet. 

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