C Series Anamorphic Prime Lenses

C Series Anamorphic Prime Lenses

The Panavision C Series Anamorphic Primes have been the go-to choice since 1968 for artists needing a compact and lightweight anamorphic lens.

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Primo V® Lenses

Panavision Primo V

After 60 years of setting industry standards for film optics and cameras, Panavision has stepped forward to set the standard for lenses specifically designed for digital cameras. Built on the same glass element as Panavision's Primo Primes, the Primo V lenses bring the classic qualities of the Primos to digital cinematography while taking advantage of the optical clarity and production convenience of the digital format.

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Primo 70 Series

Intrinsic characteristics

•    Flat field
•    Natural sharpness
•    Minimal chromatic aberration
•    Minimal breathing
•    Excellent field illumination
•    Close focus performance 
•    Consistent color temperature
•    Tunable focus characteristics

Artistic traits

•    Rounded defined focus
•    Inherent dimensionality
•    Pleasing flesh tones
•    Uniform bokeh across the field of view

Feature Films: Passengers, Guardian’s of the Galaxy II, Spectre

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Primo Digital® Lenses

Primo Digital® Lenses

These lenses feature high contrast and resolution, low lateral color, negligible veiling glare, low ghosting and distortion, and consistent image quality throughout focus and zoom. Designed and manufactured by Panavision® with digital in mind

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