Panavision Salutes Emmy-Nominated Television

The 68th Primetime Emmy® Awards will be held this month in Los Angeles. It is the industry’s opportunity to celebrate extraordinary achievements in the television art form, which continues to be elevated by the storytellers and artists working in the genre.

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McDonough Brings Anamorphic Look to Fear the Walking Dead

In Fear the Walking Dead, AMC’s spinoff to the hit series The Walking Dead, the zombie apocalypse has just begun to affect Los Angeles. In the six-episode first season, L.A. residents try to survive as the military loses containment and the power grid goes down. Leading up to the pilot, cinematographer Michael McDonough, ASC, BSC saw an opportunity to employ the anamorphic format for a series.

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Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC was at the camera for Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, a tale of greed and excess in the go-go 1980s financial rackets. This time, the duo went back a decade earlier to present a story set in the music industry of the 1970s, as it evolved from kid stuff into big business. The two-hour pilot for the HBO series Vinyl touches on the entire culture of the period – business, fashion, society, and art are all in a state of flux.

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