Supertechno 22

Supertechno 22

The Supertechno 22 offers a small form factor without comprimising on arm length; the crane is ideal for those complex shots when 30ft or 50ft bases are too large or heavy. 

Panavision strongly recommends that only trained grips operate this piece of equipment.

Please contact your local Panavision Remote Systems office for more information.


Overslung bracket       2', 4', 6', 8' track  
Rain cover       Track run up  
Night cover          


Maximum payload 80.0lbs  
Maximum height 6.9m (22')  
Minimum height tbc  
Telescopic extent 5.2m (17'-2')  
Maximum telescopic movement speed 5.5' / sec  

Length from centre post to front

Fully extended


1.6m (5'-2")
6.8m (29'-9")

Length from centre post to back 2.3m (7'-5')  
Overall length retracted 3.9m (12'-7")  
Overall length extended 9m (29'-9")  
Bucket width 2.3m (7'-5")