Panaflex Lightweight II

Panaflex Lightweight Camera System - PFXLW-II

The Panaflex Lightweight is a perfect camera for Steadicam or remote crane use. With a body made of magnesium and all non-essential items removed, this is one of the lightest cameras available.

The camera is sync-sound quiet and includes some significant weight-reducing design modifications. It features a fixed shutter angle of 180 degrees and a 500 foot magazine that can only be rear mounted. The magazine position is vertical on the camera to ensure no change in the camera center of gravity as film runs through it, and the standard digital display has been removed.

The camera has a crystal-controlled speed range of 4-40 fps in one-frame increments. The camera body weighs only 14 pounds, and weighs about 27 pounds with a 21mm Primo lens, 500 foot magazine with film, and clip-on matte box. The Lightweight-II comes standard with B&W or optional color video assist.

The Lightweight comes with Panavision's standard package of accessories. Panavision offers a wide variety of additional accessories based on the needs of the production.


Sync sound quiet

4-40 fps in 1/10 frame increments

180° fixed focal plane shutter

Remote digital display

Full-fitting dual registration pins

Available in 2, 3, or 4-perf configurations

Includes B&W or color video tap [PAL or NTSC]