The Panavision® Genesis® Digital Camera System

The Genesis has a well-earned reputation for reliability, on-set efficiency, and trouble free post-production. More than just a camera , Genesis is a complete system that features high quality recording formats; a sophisticated onset color display for error-free filming; and an on-set, real time DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) creation tool that can help catch problems before you leave the location. Its size, weight, and ergonomics make it ideal for studio, handheld, or Steadicam applications.

Shooting with Genesis means no compromise on depth of field control, portability, sensitivity, dynamic range, or color. Genesis was designed as a Panavision camera, so it uses all the existing Panavision 35mm spherical film lenses, most notably the Primo® lenses, and all the same accessories as the 35mm film cameras. The camera has a 12.4 megapixel Super 35mm sized sensor, a nominal exposure index of 400, a speed range of 1-50 fps, a shutter angle range of 3.8- to 360-degrees, and depth of field equivalent to a 35mm film camera. The 360-degree shutter gives one additional stop of exposure, with increased motion blur. With careful use of shutter and gain, the nominal EI 400 sensitivity can extend to EI 1600 and above for low light situations. And with its true RGB sensor, the Genesis uses the same number of pixels for each of the primary colors, unlike some digital cameras that use half as many red or blue pixels as green.

Designed specifically with digital intermediates in mind, the Genesis will record to either the Panavision Solid State Recorder SSR-1 or to the Sony SRW-1™ videotape recorder. Both units can dock directly to the camera to provide total portability without cables running to an external recording device. You can control all functions (such as record start/stop and format options) directly from the camera. And with the SSR-1, you can capture up to forty-two minutes of completely uncompressed 4:4:4 footage

With the GDP – the Genesis Display Processor – you don’t need to endure complex post procedures before you can view your picture. The image processing is built right into the camera, so you can see true image during shooting and make changes while the camera is rolling. The Genesis offers dual viewfinder outputs; integrated lens control for focus, zoom and iris; and user-selectable menu terminologies, such as shutter angle or shutter speed. The Genesis is compatible with several remote camera control units, including the Panavision RDC (Remote Digital Controller) or Sony's MSU (Master Setup Unit) and RMB (HD Remote Control Unit) series controllers.


Super 35mm sized sensor

Equivalent to 35mm depth of field

Utilizes all existing spherical 35mm lenses, including Primo Primes and Zooms

Size, weight and ergonomics suitable for studio, hand-held or Steadicam modes

Utilizes many of the existing Panaflex® accessories

Dockable SSR-1 or Sony SRW-1 VTR (no cables) on rear or top

1 to 50 frames per second

12.4 mega pixel, true RGB sensor (not Bayer pattern)

Greater dynamic range than available digital cameras

Nominal exposure index of 400

10 bit log per color output

Wide color gamut for film intercut applications

Dual viewfinder outputs

Full bandwidth, dual link 4:4:4 HDSDI outputs

Single 4:2:2 HDSDI monitor output

Digital lateral color aberration compensation for improved visual effects

Camera LCD display provides user-definable access to camera functions