Arri Amira

Arri Amira

With its broad market appeal, the Arri Amira offers exceptional image quality with its ALEV III sensor (as used by the ALEXA), single-user ergonomics for quick start-up, and efficient CFast 2.0 workflow.

Available in both PL and PV, we are able to offer our extensive range of lenses and technologies, such as the Primo V and PVintage optics. The camera is capable of up to 200fps and includes a selection of built-in ND filters saving weight and time on set.


Same 35 mm sensor as ALEXA

HD 1080/2K; Log C/Rec 709

ProRes up to 4444 on CFast 2.0 cards

Dynamic range of 14+ stops

Up to 200 fps – full sensor area

Quick start-up – ready to shoot

Build-in ND filters (0.6/1.2/2.1)

OLED eyepiece and fold-away LCD monitor

Preloaded/custom-built 3D LUTs and looks