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Sure Shots

Cinematographer Autumn Durald Arkapaw orchestrates six cameras for the live-performance documentary feature Beastie Boys Story.

In the early 1980s, three friends embarked on what would become a 30-year adventure. Collectively known as Beastie Boys, the trio comprised Adam Yauch, Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz — aka MCA, Mike D and Ad-Rock, respectively. Though they grew out of New York City’s punk scene, they soon embraced hip-hop, and as the years progressed, their creative output charted their growth as artists and as people. 

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Personal Destiny

Mandy Walker, ASC, ACS employs Panavision optics for Mulan, an intimate portrait set against an epic backdrop.

In Disney’s live-action feature Mulan, the eponymous hero (portrayed by Yifei Liu) disguises herself as a man and joins the Chinese army in order to spare her father from having to return to war. Through the trials that follow, she unlocks her hidden potential and embraces her true identity.

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Moral History

The filmmakers behind "Yes, God, Yes" recount their journey to bring the feature to fruition

In the early aughts, in a small Iowa town, Alice — a student at the local Catholic high school — enjoys watching Titanic and testing her knowledge of movie titles with word scrambles played in online chat rooms. When one of her internet encounters takes an unexpected turn, she suddenly discovers there’s pleasure to be had in pleasuring oneself. Soon thereafter, she attends a four-day Catholic retreat, where she struggles to reconcile her nascent urges with the prospect of eternal judgment. 

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Emotional Vibes

With "The Kissing Booth 2" and the upcoming "The Empty Man," Anastas Michos, ASC, GSC demonstrates his penchant for working across genres

“What are we going to talk about today?” cinematographer Anastas Michos, ASC, GSC asks almost immediately after answering his phone. It’s late July when Panavision connects with Michos, and though the vast majority of productions had ground to a halt back in March due to COVID-19, the cinematographer has managed to keep busy while also taking all necessary precautions to stay healthy and safe. After doing some shooting around New York City for a documentary about the pandemic directed by fellow ASC member Ellen Kuras, Michos lifted anchor and has recently been sailing along the East Coast. “Isolating socially became ‘let me go commune with nature,’ just to put a different spin on it,” he shares.

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Infinite Jest

Cinematographer Quyen Tran employs T Series optics and reteams with colorist Ethan Schwartz for the existential time-loop comedy "Palm Springs"

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Battle Stations

Shelly Johnson, ASC shoots large-format 8K with DXL and Sphero 65 lenses to captures the close-quarters naval drama "Greyhound"

The World War II action drama Greyhound puts the audience on board a U.S. destroyer with its heroic but inexperienced captain and crew as they battle to protect a convoy of merchant vessels from wolf packs of U-Boats in the North Atlantic. It’s a fictional account for which authenticity was the key. Established in the screenplay written by Tom Hanks — who also stars as Navy Commander Ernest Krause — that authenticity was reinforced throughout the production by director Aaron Schneider and cinematographer Shelly Johnson, ASC.

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Depth of Emotion

Cinematographer Oren Soffer crafts a nuanced portrait of an intimate weekend for the short film See You Soon

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Magic and Mystery

Haris Zambarloukos, BSC, GSC helps to ground Artemis Fowl’s high-flying action in a tangible world

Based on the series of novels by Eoin Colfer, the feature Artemis Fowl finds its namesake — a precocious, hyperintelligent 12-year-old boy (played by Ferdia Shaw) — just after his father (Colin Farrell) has gone missing from their estate in Ireland. Young Artemis soon finds the first in a trail of clues that, in leading him back to his father, will also unlock a magical world populated by fairies, trolls and other creatures the young boy had thought to be merely the stuff of legend and myth.

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