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Panalux Power i2 240V 2kW


The Panalux Power i-Series range of portable lithium-ion battery arrays provide instant, silent, emission-free all-electric power for a variety of on- and near-set applications. With a capacity of 5kWh and a maximum load of 2kW, the i2 is ideally suited to powering work lights, monitors, laptops, tablets, and phones.

Product Details

Manufacturer Panalux
Model Panalux Power i2 240V 2kW
Dimensions (mm)(in) 812 x 955 x 530
Power Capacity (wh)(ah) 4000
Supply Connector 1 x 16A Ceeform In
Rating (kW) 2
Output Connector 1 x 16A Ceeform Out, 2 x 13A Out, 2 x USB-A Out
Load Capacity N
Phase Options 1-Phase
Part Number i2
Weight (kg)(lbs) 110.00

Each i-Series unit can be used as a standalone power source or, when connected to a mains outlet, as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), providing protection against interruptions to the primary power source. The 240V portable-power units feature a compact form factor that makes them unobtrusive in studio or location environments and all-terrain wheels and an IP55 rating for use in the most remote outdoor locations. 


The i2 and i4 each features a 32A inlet for charging or use as a UPS, along with 16A, 13A, and USB outputs to allow a variety of devices to be connected without the need for adaptors or stage boxes. All inputs and outputs are RCD protected. Both units also incorporate an LCD display indicating power consumption and battery level. 


Features include: 

  • Rechargeable  

  • Silent running 

  • Eco-conscious 

  • All-terrain wheels 

  • IP55 rating 

  • 32A inlet for charging and use as a UPS 

  • 16A, 13A, and USB outputs 

  • RCD-protected inputs and outputs 

  • Integrated LCD display