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Cube 1200

Bebob GmbHPower

Bebob’s versatile Cube 1200 is a lithium-ion multi-voltage battery with three 12V outputs (1x D-Tap and 2x XLR), two 24V XLR outputs, one 48V XLR output, and two 5V USB outputs. With a small footprint that makes it ideally suited for space-restricted sets, the Cube 1200 can be fully charged in eight hours.

Product Details

Manufacturer Bebob GmbH
Model 1200 Power Pack
Dimensions (mm)(in) 167x356x208
Voltage 5/12/24/48
Power Capacity (wh)(ah) 1176
Supply Connector IEC
Charge Time 8
Part Number Cube 1200
Weight (kg)(lbs) 8.95