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Panalux Power i4 240V 4kW


The Panalux Power i-Series range of portable lithium-ion battery arrays provide instant, silent, emission-free all-electric power for a variety of on- and near-set applications. The i4 offers a capacity of 10kWh and a maximum load of 4kW to handle more power-hungry devices like tea urns, media servers, and film lights.

Product Details

Manufacturer Panalux
Model Panalux Power i4 240V 4kW
Dimensions (mm)(in) 812 x 1150 x 530
Power Capacity (wh)(ah) 10000
Supply Connector 1 x 32A Ceeform In
Rating (kW) 4
Output Connector 1 x 16A Ceeform Out, 2 x 13A Out, 2 x USB-A Out
Load Capacity N
Phase Options 1-Phase
Part Number i4
Weight (kg)(lbs) 180.00

Each i-Series unit can be used as a standalone power source or, when connected to a mains outlet, as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), providing protection against interruptions to the primary power source. The 240V portable-power units feature a compact form factor that makes them unobtrusive in studio or location environments and all-terrain wheels and an IP55 rating for use in the most remote outdoor locations. 


The i2 and i4 each features a 32A inlet for charging or use as a UPS, along with 16A, 13A, and USB outputs to allow a variety of devices to be connected without the need for adaptors or stage boxes. All inputs and outputs are RCD-protected. Both units also incorporate an LCD display indicating power consumption and battery level. 


Features include: 

  • Rechargeable  

  • Silent running 

  • Eco-conscious 

  • All-terrain wheels 

  • IP55 rating 

  • 32A inlet for charging and use as a UPS 

  • 16A, 13A, and USB outputs 

  • RCD-protected inputs and outputs 

  • Integrated LCD display