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2kW Tungsten Molebeam Spotlight

Mole RichardsonHeads

MoleBeam Projectors are designed to produce beams of directional light that can resemble shafts of sunlight. The 2000W tungsten Molebeam features an 18”-diameter aperture and a 20”-diameter parabolic glass mirror with high temperature reflective coating.  

Product Details

Manufacturer Mole
Model 2kW Tungsten Molebeam Spotlight
Dimensions (mm)(in) 966 x 686 x 432
Operation Manual
Type Molebeam
Power Draw (W) 2000
Supply Connector 1 x 16A Ceeform In
Lux @ 3M (3200K) 58900 (Spot) / 6200 (Flood)
Beam Angle Min (°) 16
Beam Angle Max (°) 54
High Speed Capability No
Protection Rating IP20
Panalux SKU IM4KGA0
Part Number 8311
Weight (kg)(lbs) 21.80