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Panatracker EV

Remote Systems

There are few vehicles that offer as much flexibility, control, and power as the Panavision Panatracker. This fully electric four-wheel-drive tracking vehicle offers endless mounting options, including support for a Supertechno 15, GF-8, and Fisher 23. Able to reach speeds up to 35 mph while supporting up to 1,000 kg of equipment, the Panatracker is a giant leap forward for camera movement. 

Product Details

Unladen Weight (kg)(lbs) 10602337
Laden Weight (kg)(lbs) 20604542
Road Speed (kph)(mph) 5635
Base Width (m)(ft) 1.45 4' 8"
Base Length (m)(ft) 2.81 9' 2"
Drivetrain 4x4
  • Four-wheel drive with automatic leveling suspension 

  • Near-silent operation for audio-sensitive environments 

  • Battery powered with no exhaust or emissions 

  • Ideal for camera cranes, stabilized heads, or Steadicam support 

  • Capable of safely holding four passengers in a variety of positions 

  • Able to tow 900+ kg 

  • On-board 3kW inverter to power ancillary equipment 

  • Wide variety of available accessories, including off-road wheels