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Wildcat Desert Dolly


The Wildcat Desert Dolly is a carefully engineered, wide-profile tire-tracking and load-carrying dolly that can tackle multiple roles on set. It is light enough to lift onto a roof rack, but tough enough to carry over a 1-ton load. Featuring precision wheel hubs and optimum steering geometry, it can handle demanding tracking moves where tracks are not feasible. 

Product Details

Min Camera Plate Height (cm)(in) 21 (platform low mode), 33 (platform high mode)8.25 (platform low mode), 13 (platform high mode)
Max Nose Load (kg)(lbs) 200550
Max Dolly Capacity (universal centre mount) (kg)(lbs) 200550
Dolly Length min/max (cm)(in) 17067
Dolly Width min/max (cm)(in) 12850.5
Steering Post / Handle Length (cm)(in) 10441
Operational Weight (w/o payload) (kg)(lbs) 60132