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Our facilities 

The following measures are in place:


  • All staff and visitors are required to complete an attestation form before entry. You can view our current attestation here - Panavision UK Attestation
  • Our facilities are regularly cleaned throughout the working day.
  • COVID – 19 signage is in place to support and enforce these protocols.
  • Ventilation is maximised, wherever possible, throughout our sites.
  • Hand sanitisation & cleaning stations are installed for employees and visitors throughout our facilities. Masks, sanitiser and anti bacterial wipes are available to employees and visitors.
  • Advice on mental health is available from HR.
Check-in, building access, & deliveries         
On arrival at our facility, employees, clients and visitors will be asked to complete an attestation form to confirm that they have no COVID-like symptoms.
Social distancing
Reasonable social distancing measures are encouraged and we ask staff and visitors to respect each other’s personal boundaries.
Symptom management
We have reviewed our Sickness Policy and have amended it to include appropriate action should an employee develop symptoms of COVID-19.  Staff who exhibit COVID like symptoms are asked not to enter/remain in our sites.
We will monitor local case rates and governmental guidance and will update our policies accordingly.


Live Location Status