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Shot on DXL

What filmmakers say about DXL2

"One of the reasons I picked the DXL2 was the way it renders flares. They have a different quality on that camera that instinctually felt right."

Alice Brooks ASC
Cinematographer, In The Heights

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"To be able to change and swap between large format and 35mm anamorphic lenses on another camera would have been complicated, but on the DXL2, it was simple."

Stefan Duscio ACS
Cinematographer, The Dry

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"It seems to reach into the darkness, and it seems to have more color. I'm just amazed at what the DXL2 can capture."

Fred Murphy ASC

Capture your scene’s subtleties.

Panavision’s DXL2 8K camera with the RED Monstro sensor offers 16 bits of color across 35 million pixels at up to 60 fps. One of the quietest signal-to-noise ratios on the market, Monstro delivers unprecedented dynamic range and color with unmatched sensitivity.

Find Your Format

DXL2’s stock SP70 mount can be easily adapted in the field to System 65, PV35, or PL, allowing multiple formats and any Panavision lens to be used with the convenience of a single camera.

8K VistaVision

Pair DXL2’s full sensor with Panavision’s large-format lenses to take advantage of shallower depth of field, greater magnification, and wider field of view.
60fps40.96 x 21.6mm

5K Super 35mm

Super 35 on DXL2 boasts over 150% of UHD resolution, exceeding platforms’ resolution requirements even when using an extraction for flexibility in post.
96fps24 x 13.5mm

True 4K Anamorphic

DXL2 offers a capture area greater than 35mm anamorphic, providing beyond 4K horizontal resolution and increased magnification.
60fps25.92 x 21.6mm

2K 16mm

Make creative use of Panavision’s inventory of 16mm optics while taking advantage of DXL2’s 16 stops of dynamic range, 16-bit color, and native 1600 ISO.
240fps10.24 x 5.4mm


DXL-M expands the DXL2 ecosystem with an adaptable solution ideal for gimbal and drone photography and situations where space is at a premium. Combining the modularity and connectivity of DXL2 with the smaller size and weight of RED’s DSMC2 cameras, DXL-M offers the most I/O connections possible with a DSMC2.

Agnostic Lens Control

DXL2 includes integrated and interchangeable MDR modules for wireless lens control of both internal motorized lenses and external motors.

dxl control preston


All Preston/Heden digital motors (7-pin Lemo)

Range Finders:
CineTape, Cine RT, Sniper, Light Ranger (4-pin serial)

Additional AKS
LCND control (4-pin serial)

Power Output
1x 24V (3-pin RS)

DXL Control Teradek RT


MOTR.X, MK3.1 (4-pin Lemo)

Range Finders:
CineTape, Cine RT, Sniper (5-pin Lemo)

Power Output
1x 24V (3-pin RS), 1x 12V (2-pin Lemo)

dxl control cmotion

Cvolution, cPRO

cPRO (LBUS), Cforce Mini, Cforce Plus

Range Finders:
CineTape, Cine RT, Sniper (LBUS)

Power Output:
1x 24V (3-pin RS), 1x 12V (2-pin Lemo)

DXL Control Arri WCI


cPRO (LBUS), Cforce Mini, Cforce Plus

Range Finders:
CineTape, Cine RT, Sniper (LBUS)

Additional AKS
Arri CUB-1 is needed to support ranger finders (LBUS)

Power Output
1x 24V (3-pin RS), 1x 12V (2-pin Lemo)


See clearly with DXL’s Primo HDR EVF.

Incorporating Panavision optics and featuring customizable tools and adjustable gamma and gamuts, Primo EVF delivers operators the best image in any shooting scenario.

600 nits HDR

1M:1 Contrast Ratio





SDI Input

Only available with DXL


Customize your camera build with Panavision Modular.

The interchangeable components of the Panavision Modular accessory system enable a configuration for every unique shooting situation, expanding the DXL ecosystem to provide you with customized comfort, ease, and adaptability.

SP70 Mount

Dec 3, 2021, 08:08 AM
Title : SP70 Mount
Sort Order : 19
DXL2’s native SP70 lens mount allows for motorized lens control and /i metadata transfer.
Lens Mount Adapters SP70 Mount
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Stay connected. Wirelessly.

Wireless Timecode

 DXL2 is the first camera to implement wireless timecode using the Ambient Communication Network (ACN). With ACN, cameras, slates, and sound can be jammed together without any hardwired cables. DXL2 continues to auto-jam timecode every 6 seconds, which eliminates all timecode drifting. This dramatically simplifies the timecode process and eliminates dailies audio slip-syncing.

DXL Control

DXL Control is an iOS and Android app that allows DXL2 full menu access, including run/stop, from a smartphone. The app offers a real-time visual histogram as well as the ability to remotely program up to eight shortcuts. DXL2 Control can link to a single camera or control multiple cameras from a single device. Available free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


DXL2 is fully equipped with an internal CDL engine, which allows users to create, import, export, and recall unlimited CDLs locally or remotely. For users who want the greatest control, Pomfort Livegrade can connect to the DXL2 and wirelessly upload custom looks to the camera.


DXL2 utilizes the RCP protocol to allow apps and devices to directly control the camera. RCP control is accessed through WiFi, Ethernet, or serial ports. RCP SDK is available for third-party development, allowing for integration with popular devices such as Semote or UltiMote for external camera control.

Get the DXL2 App:

DXL Wireless Camera

Streamline your workflow.

DXL2 enables a seamless set-to-post workflow. The camera even streamlines VFX-heavy productions thanks to its internal gyro and accelerometer and integrated /i communication for metadata tracking.


DXL2 709 Viewing LUTs

33- and 65-point 709 viewing transforms for DXL2 footage. Includes "709" and "Film" looks.

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