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Alexa Mini LF


The Alexa Mini LF combines the Alexa Mini’s compact form factor with the Alexa LF’s large-format sensor. Exclusively from Panavision, the Mini LF can be rented with the Panavision Modular accessory system and a Panavised lens mount. 

Product Details

Max Resolution 4448 x 3096
Sensor size 36.7mm x 25.5mm (Diagonal: 44.7mm)
Codec ProRes, Arri RAW
Media Type Codex Compact Drives
Dynamic Range 14+
Max FPS 40fps full sensor, 100fps max
Dimensions (mm)(in) 140 x 143 x 1885-1/2 x 5-5/8 x 7-7/16
Weight (kg)(lbs) 2.65.7