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System 65


Featuring a 5-perf pull-down for 65mm film capture, Panavision System 65 cameras are compatible with many of the same accessories as our 35mm cameras. The Panaflex 65mm HR Spinning Mirror Reflex Camera (also referred to as the System 65 High Speed camera) is suitable for time-lapse or timed-exposure cinematography. 

Product Details

Sound Sync Yes (studio) No (high speed)
Max FPS 40 (studio) 60 (high speed)
Mag Size 400 / 1000 ft

System 65 Studio – 65SPFX 

With full-fitting dual registration pins, guide blocks on one side of the film, and dual two-pin pull-down claws, the System 65 Studio is one of the quietest film cameras in the world, with a sound level of only 27dB with film. Its 400-foot or 1,000-foot displacement film magazines can be top-mounted to minimize camera length or rear-mounted to minimize height. The camera also features an adjustable focal-plane shutter range of 50-180 degrees.   


System 65 High Speed – 65HSSM 

The camera features a fixed 172.8-degree shutter, full-fitting dual registration pins, and dual pull-down claws, and it is compatible with all Panavision 65mm lenses and 65mm accessories.