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About Anamorphic

Front view of an anamorphic lens

Anamorphic lenses contain a cylindrical optical element that compresses or “squeezes” the image horizontally which allows a wide screen image to be photographed onto a standard 35mm film frame. During projection, a similar type of lens “unsqueezes” the image, thereby creating a wide-screen image.

Panavision has a wide ranging inventory of anamorphic lenses and is constantly updating stock with the most up-to-date lenses available to the filmmaker. The C Series is the oldest lens series.  They are small and lightweight lenses which makes them ideal for handheld work or use on Steadicam. Following the C Series, Panavision introduced the E Series which are optically sharper than their predecessors. The Primo Series of anamorphic lenses are based on the spherical Primos and are the sharpest Panavision anamorphic lenses available.

The latest addition to the catalog of anamorphic lenses is the G Series, which combines the performance of the E Series with the lightweight, compact size of the C Series as well as two new Panavision anamorphic zoom lenses. These new lenses represent the foundation of a new range of high-performance, compact anamorphic optics. Thanks to advanced computer-aided design, internal mechanical improvements and modern optics, these lenses expand the cinematic capabilities of the anamorphic format.

All of our new anamorphic lenses are engineered to produce superior image quality and feature high contrast and resolution, minimal aberrations, and excellent field illumination, as well as low veiling glare, ghosting, and distortion. These lenses utilize Panavision’s patented anti-mumping technology, but unlike previous series, there is no hump for the gear-set, so the lenses maintain their cylindrical profile.

All Panavision lenses are assembled by hand at our factory in Woodland Hills. All opto-mechanical parts are manufactured at the factory, and the optical elements are fabricated according to our precise specifications. Panavision is the only company in the world that designs and manufactures both 35mm film cameras and lenses.


For the past five decades, Panavision has established itself as the undisputed world leader in anamorphic lenses with the C Series, E Series, Primo anamorphics and now our G Series. Today, the majority of feature films shot in anamorphic use Panavision anamorphic lenses. The credit “Filmed in Panavision” represents the anamorphic standard of the industry.