Foxcatcher - Greig Fraser

Greig Fraser, ACS

I chose Panavision for Foxcatcher because I knew they had a strong arsenal of high-quality film cameras backed by great service. Also, we needed a set of lenses that were mixed and varied to address the different looks being created throughout the movie. The depth and selection of lenses at Panavision is incomparable. And Dan (Sasaki) is a genius – he was able to distill the words I used to describe what I wanted into the tools to do it. Panavision is truly the perfect blend of creativity and science!

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Saving Mr. Banks - John Schwartzman

John Schwartzman, ASC

What more can I say than 29 studio pictures, all shot with Panavision cameras. As a matter of fact, since 1995, Panavision has assigned me my own Platinum camera body -- number 452. Dan Sasaki and I put the viewing system together. I have used it to shoot more than 37 million feet of film.

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Michael Goi

Michael Goi, ASC

Panavision has always been one of my closest partners. What I get from the company is truly a collaborative effort toward the creation of something artistically original. It's largely indefinable why it works the way it does, but it works every single time I walk through those doors. I look forward to exploring the visual possibilities with Panavision every time I prepare a project.

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