Technocrane 21


Dolly: 54kg/119lbs

Column fix/telescopic: 27/44kg – 60/97lbs

E-unit telescope: 22kg/49lbs

E-unit heads: 21kg/46lbs

Telescopic beam unit: 88kg/194lbs

Counterweights (14×7.5kg): 105kg/231lbs

Head: 10kg/22lbs

Total: 327kg/721lbs

Please call Panavision Remote Systems at (818) 316-1080.

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Supertechno 22

Supertechno 22

The Supertechno 22 offers a small form factor without comprimising on arm length; the crane is ideal for those complex shots when 30ft or 50ft bases are too large or heavy. 

Panavision strongly recommends that only trained grips operate this piece of equipment.

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