Mo-Sys Lambda


The Mo-Sys Lambda Digital remote head is precise, responsive, reliable, and has zero backlash. It features recordable and repeatable pan and tilt. The Mo-Sys employs powerful integrated motors and high resolution digital encoders which provide the instantaneous feel of direct drive and smooth operation.

Optional accessories include:

Preston Focus System



Please call Panavision Remote Systems at (818) 316-1080.

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Mini Scorpio Head


2 and 3 axis remote head for video and film cameras

Mini Scorpio Head can be controlled from up to 500 meters by cable serie RS485 or by wireless half-duplex microwave 2,4GHz.

All axis (Pan, Tilt and Roll, and Focus, Iris and Zoom if you use the Scorpio Focus) are programmable and repeatable

Limits programmable, damping and speed adjustment for all axis available

3 control system are available: JDR (Pan Bar), Joystick and Handwheels.

All information transferable to a computer by 232

Power supply for all film and video cameras

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Alpha Stabilized


Unique dovetail system for fast adjustment of head size

Slip rings for 360 degree operation

Simple BNC control cable or wireless

Operation from wheels, pan-bar or joystick

Stabilization on all or select axis

Built in power for cameras and lens control

Auto Horizon level

Programmable limits


Head weight: 55lbs (25Kg)

Max Payload: 150lbs (68Kg)

3D Capable

Please call Panavision Remote Systems at (818) 316-1080.

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XR II Gyro Stabilized Head

Pictorvision learned a lot since the XR was first released in 2002, and in 2008 applied all that knowledge into their aerial version of the XR– the Eclipse, which in 2012 earned them an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Scientific and Engineering Award. Based on that success they’ve refurbished and upgraded the original XR with the best of the Eclipse improvements, and proudly introduce the XR II.

Major improvements:

New Software and Sled Design – Installing and tuning new payloads is now a snap.

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