After the big-budget, time-looping, science-fiction spectacle Edge of Tomorrow was finally behind him, Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS stepped right into the smaller-scale musical fantasy of Into the Woods, and brought Panavision London along with him.

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"Let's Be Cops" Calls for a Changing Look

For his latest endeavor, Daryn Okada, ASC handled cinematography duties for director Luke Greenfield on Let’s Be Cops, a comedy about a pair of losers who impersonate police on a lark, and end up way over their heads. Okada envisioned a look that evolved as the characters’ situation changes.

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Larry Sher Was Here

Ten years ago, Lawrence Sher, ASC shot his first Panavision movie—a small, independent movie filmed in his home state of New Jersey that was written and directed by actor Zach Braff. That film, Garden State, struck a chord in capturing the ennui of Gen X malaise and was a smashing indie success.

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Crafting a Quality Look for "The Leftovers"

The Leftovers is a new HBO series that hints at the rapture, a Biblical prognostication. In the story, 2 percent of the world’s population mysteriously and suddenly disappears. Those left behind struggle to understand. Reactions vary.

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Monster Mash

Reprinted from the May 2014 edition of British Cinematographer - Subscribe

Camera Creative - Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC / Godzilla

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