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On Thursday, June 2, 2011, Panavision hosted an event for our customers and clients at the Panavision Hollywood facility, giving the entertainment community a chance to stop by and “refresh yourself.”

With mango mojitos flowing, the prep floor of Panavision Hollywood was busy with stations of camera equipment and lenses. Shown on the prep floor were displays that included the OLED viewfinder, an enhanced Digital Transfer Station, a 3D rig, two new zoom lenses with integral motors, G-series anamorphics including the AWZ2 and the ATZ and a first look at the HD video-tap prototype.  Outdoors, Panavision Remotes demonstrated a SuperTechno 22 with a Scorpio 3-Axis Stabilized Remote Head.

Over 150 people from the entertainment industry attended including cinematographers, camera operators, ACs and other crew members. Notables such as cinematographers Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, Theo van de Sande, ASC, Tom Clancey, Steve Fierberg, ASC, David Miller, David Mullen, ASC, Cynthia Pushek, John Newby, Mark Weingartner and Steve Yedlin attended, as well as Jeff Okun, President of the Visual Effects Society. Several directors and UPMs were in attendance as well.

Wandering through the prep floor, people could view the Element Technica Atom rig complete with two Red Epics, and prime lenses. On hand were Sharon Walker, Director, Product Manager 3D Systems, Laurence Nunn, Worldwide Technical Trainer, and Jamey Jamison, HD & Video Manager, to demo the rig. Two Panavision XL2s were set up for comparisons between lenses: one had an Angenieux 15-40 lens, rigged with external motors, adjacent to a Panavision Nova 15-40mm zoom lens, which has the zoom, focus and iris motors inside the lens. Andrew Young, Director of Product Management, Optical Systems, explained that the Nova zooms combine high optical performance with integral motors and electronics. This unique design provides a lighter, uncluttered, fast-to-setup system that does not require external motors. Guy McVicker, Camera Service Manager, also assisted with technical questions.

Two Panavision Platinum cameras were set up as a side-by-side comparison for Panavision’s new HD video tap, with Scott Bowser, Director of Electronics Engineering, available to demo. The video tap boasts an HD 1920 x 1080 output, high performance optics, square sensor supports true 2x anamorphic, anamorphic de-squeeze, flicker-free, auto/manual gain, white balance, Panaflex Platinum and Gold and XL2 versions, on-screen menu interface, uploadable LUTs, built-in down-converter and less than 10w power consumption.A Panavised Sony F35 with a Nova 60-125mm zoom lens was also on display, equipped with the new OLED viewfinder. Like the Nova 15-40mm zoom, the 60-125mm contains integrated focus, iris and zoom motors that provide excellent optical performance. Key highlights of the OLED viewfinder include: no lag or smear on the display, accepts either Sony viewfinder or HD-SDI input, 1280 x 720 resolution, gamma presets, -3 to +3 diopter range, large pupil diameter, comfortable eye relief and 1:1 pixel magnification for critical focus. Dominick Aiello, Director of Technical Marketing, stood by for demos.

A Panavised ARRI Alexa was also on display with a Primo 11-1 zoom lens, as well as a Sony OLED display monitor, a new monitor that delivers outstanding black performance, has a quick response with virtually no motion blur and a wide color gamut. Mike Kovacevich, Digital Systems Engineer, was on hand for questions. Also on the floor was a Phantom Flex with a Primo lens, which Peter Lorz, Manager of Electronics Engineering, Panavision Sydney, was on hand to demo.

On another section of the floor was the Digital Transfer Station, an uncompressed workflow solution which preserves uncompressed data from the Panavision SSR. Josh Limor, Digital Workflow Consultant, Product Manager, introduced a prototype called BlackBox which creates PanaDailies: generating H.264s, DNxHD, ProRes, DVDs and many other file types. The PanaDailies are full HD resolution with secure hardware encryption and can connect to a personal computer or the Panavision Dailies Playback System (DPS).

Panavision Remotes previewed the SuperTechno 22 in front of the building. The SuperTechno 22 has a quick set up, a faster telescope compared to the SuperTechno 20 and the highest nose load capacity. The Scorpio 3-Axis Stabilized head has effective stabilization up to 300mm, programmable limits and wireless capability. Steve Krul, Marketing Executive and David Joy, Operations Manager and their team, were on hand to demo the equipment.

Panavision had many executives in attendance, including marketing executives from both Panavision Woodland Hills and Hollywood.