Heads and Tripods

Heads & Tripods

Whether your production calls for basic camera movement or more elaborate techniques such as extreme tilts, low angles, high angles and more, Panavision® has the head and tripod you need to get the shot. 


The Panahead® gear head has been a standard on Hollywood sets for more than 35 years. In addition to the Panahead and Super Panahead, Panavision supplies a wide range of heads from Arri, O’Connor, Cartoni, Sachtler, Ronford, and Weaver Steadman. We provide traditional gear heads, fluid heads, Dutch Heads, swing heads, and low mode underslung heads.  

Some of the models in the Panavision inventory include:

  • Arri Compact Gear Head 2

  • Cartoni Lambda

  • Cartoni Dutch Head

  • Weaver Steadman

  • O’Connor Ultimate

  • O’Connor 100

  • O’Connor 50

  • Sacthler Studio 9+9

  • Sachtler Studio 80

  • Ronford Seven Fluid Head

  • Dutch Swing Head 


Panavision maintains a variety of tripods in tall, medium, and short heights  from manufacturers such as Ronford-Baker, Sachtlet, and Manfrotto.  We also carry high hats and low hats for extreme low angle shots or special mounting needs where a tripod is not feasible.  

Some of the tripods and mounts in Panavision's inventory include:

  • RST - Ronford-Baker Standard Legs

  • RST-B - Ronford-Baker Baby Legs

  • BAZ - Bazooka

  • HHM - Mitchell Hi-Hat

  • LHM - Mitchell Lo-Hat

  • RMS - Spreader