Polish Society of Cinematography Awards

As part of our continuing support for filmmaking around the world, Panavision was proud to sponsor the 2014 Polish Society of Cinematography Awards held in Warsaw earlier this month. The evening was a showcase of past, present and future Polish filmmaking with many of our friends and colleagues receiving awards and honours. 

Following its magnificent achievement of the past 12 months "Ida" was awarded Best Film for Lukasz Zal (PSC) and Ryszard Lenczewski (PSC), adding to Lukasz's recent accolades including the ASC's Spotlight Award and Camerimage's top prize, the Golden Frog. Lukasz has chosen Panavision for his next feature project shooting in Sweden which is being looked after by Alicja Chrzanowska, Piotr Hermanowski and the team at Panavision Poland.

Highlights of the evening included a well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award being gifted to Witold Sobocinski (PSC).

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.