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Panavision Remote Systems Adds Crane to Woodland Hills Inventory

September 13, 2011 -- Woodland Hills, Calif. — Introduced over a year ago in the UK, Panavision Grip & Remote Systems’ success with the Moviebird 35/45 telescopic crane has prompted Panavision Remote Systems in Woodland Hills to add two cranes to its inventory this month. Shows that have utilized the crane include features “Captain America” and “X-Men 4,” and popular television shows such as “Dancing on Ice,” Million Pound Drop” and “Britain’s Got Talent.” Currently, the crane is finishing up a final concert with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd in Athens, Greece, entitled “The Wall.”

“The Moviebird is a new product for us that has been driven by customer demand. We saw how well it did in the UK and we liked what it had to offer. Being able to now offer the Moviebird crane keeps us competitive,” said Steve Krul, Marketing Executive, Panavision Remote Systems.

The Moviebird 35/45 has great features such as the ability to provide 35 feet of lens height, and, with the use of an internal extension, provides up to 45 feet of lens height all in one crane.  The Moviebird has a smaller footprint and back end which -- unlike other cranes of the same reach -- allows it to fit into tighter spaces. It has a fast, smooth, telescopic speed of 7.5 feet per second and programmable end stops. 

Key grip Mike Anderson (“Crazy, Stupid, Love, “Battleship” and”Live Free or Die Hard”) recently used the Moviebird on a commercial and was very pleased with his experience. “It was a Honda commercial and we were shooting beauty shots of the car on multiple holes at the Donald Trump Golf Course. We had to tow the crane down these steep and narrow golf cart paths and the small base size made it easy to get around pretty quickly.  I chose the Moviebird because of the small footprint of the base and the adjustability of going from 35'-45' for extended reach over greens, without damaging the course.  We used the crane at its full 45’ extension and I was very impressed on how smooth the arm swing was. I like the overall size of the crane, which is similar to the Supertechno 30, but you get almost as much reach as the Supertechno 50 in that small footprint. I have not found any feature on the Moviebird that I do not like.”

For more info and specs, please contact Remote Systems at 818-316-1080.