Matte Boxes

Matte Boxes

Panavision® matte boxes are precisely tailored to fit Panavision cameras and lenses. Our traditional studio style matte box (MB), included with most film camera packages, accommodates two top loading 4 X 5.65 inch filters and a 138mm diameter Pola at the rear. It is designed to fit cameras equipped with Panavision side rods. If you need more than the standard two top loading slots, you can request a matte box with additional filter slots. All studio matte boxes accept 4 x 5.650 inch or 6.6 x 6.6 inch filters and most clip on matte boxes accept 4 x 5.650 inch filters.

Panavision also offers specialty matte boxes that accept larger size filters or lenses with non standard fronts. Some specialty units and accessories include geared filter modules for grad filters, step-down trays, sunshade accessories (eyebrow), tiltable matte box, sliding diopter matte box, and Anti Reflection Filter Holder. 

Panavision also carries a wide range of Arriflex matte boxes in both studio and hand held models, including the MB14 6.6 x 6.6 inch matte box, MB16 4 x 4 inch matte box, and MB18 4 x 5.65 inch matte box.

Modular Combo Matte Box - MBMC

The MBMC combo modular matte box is the newest addition to the Panavision family of matte boxes. The MBMC uses existing Panavision clip-on mattes, and  an interchangeable bracket allows the matte box to fit Panavision cameras or Arriflex and other cameras with either 15mm or 19mm bottom rods. 

Offering improved lens coverage for both wide-angle and anamorphic lenses, this studio model offers several configurable modules. The combo module accepts two 4 x 5.650 inch and one 6.6 x 6.6 inch without the need to switch to a larger matte box. The filters may also be tilted or adjusted vertically for grad use. The rear module accepts a 138mm round Pola holder. The 6.6 x 6.6 inch grad stage is geared vertically for easy adjustment of the grad line. In addition, there is sufficient grad rotation (+-25 degrees) for the majority of shots

The 2-stage, 4 x 5.650 inch module replicates the traditional studio swing-away matte box (MB), with a 138mm rotating module and dual anti reflection (ARF) modules. All modules fit securely via sliding tongue and groove design with a positive latch. Changing modules is easy the design allows for the addition or change of other filter modules as needed without removing the matte box from the camera.


MMBSP6.6 Modular 6 x 6 Matte Box - Swing Away/Pivoting - Includes 1 geared 4-stage filter module and 4 filter frames
MMB4 Geared 4-Stage Module
MMB2 Geared 2-Stage Module
MMBP Geared Pola Module
MMBFF Modular Matte Box Filter Frame
MMBFC-S, -L Flexible Cable with Handle 18" or 24"
MBSA6.6x3 6 x 6 Grad Matte Box - 3 Slot - Swing away. Adjustable filter in shot. Accepts 
MFFRM for remote use.
MBPC Clip-on Matte Box with rotating pola
MBP Clip-on Matte Box
PGMB Panaflex® Clip-on Matte Box
ECMB "E" Series Clip-on Matte Box
MB Panaflex® 4 x 5 Matte Box: Standard/Wide Angle/hand held
MBT4X5 Tiltable Matte Box 4 x 5
SD Sliding Diopter Matte Box with 5 Split Diopters
ARF Anti-Reflection Filter Holder Securely holds one, two or three 4x5 filters, eliminating reflections between filters.
FA Filter Step Down Tray (6x6 to 4x5)
FT4x5 4x5 Filter Tray
FT6 6x6 Filter Tray
MB14 Arriflex 6 x 6 Matte Box
MB16 Arriflex 4 x 4 Matte Box
MB18 Arriflex 4 x 5 Matte Box
MB19 Arriflex 4 x 5 LW Matte Box
MB20 Arriflex 4 x 5 HD Matte Box
LMB4 Arrifles 6 x 6 LW Matte Box for 10mm Zeiss
LMB5 Arrifles 4 x 5 LW Matte Box